I went camping with some friends this weekend (2016 June 3-5). It was an excuse for them to grill, and not the serious outdoors backpacking kind of camping; loads of fun either way.

It was a good field test for some of the ultralight gear I got, but next time I'll bring bigger gear. A larger tent would have been nice - the Eureka! Solitaire doesn't have a lot of room inside; you have to practically back into it feet first.

The gear packs up nicely, though. It'll come in handy for backpacking trips. The jungle bag was a little light for the weather; next time I'll swap out the 25F bag. Although, if I do another cold-weather trip like Glacier Point, the 0F bag will work. Also, I'd like to get a tarp to put under the tent.

The beach was just perfect in the morning. There's something invigorating and relaxing about a beach in the cool and drizzle.

We camped Friday evening through Sunday afternoon; though I brought my banjo, I only managed to get about a half hour of playing in on Saturday morning. Part of this is that I don't play around other people (not a great way to make friends at my skill level—give it time though) and the other reason being the cold. My fingers quickly became stiff.

As I mentioned, there was a lot of cooking. I brought food, but they brought lots of food and spent a lot more time preparing it than I did (I just went to the grocery store and picked stuff up, no prep). It's probably the best food I've had in a camping trip. Actually, on second thought, not probably - definitely. I've mostly (opportunistically) been sticking to a high-carb, low fat vegan diet for health reasons, but I did break the diet this time.

Of course, cooking requires a solid campfire. We did manage to do this, though we had to go get more wood from the camp host.

The trip was quite a bit of fun, and certainly a welcome break from the smouldering garbage fire that has been dealing with modern software engineering.

Adapted from the VSCO journal entry.