This was an easier weekend (read: single night) backpacking trip: four miles from the trailhead to the lake, with about 600 feet of elevation gain, in right about four hours. After setting up camp, it was another two miles and a thousand feet of elevation gain to get to Lake Doris. It was in the 80s at some of the exposed areas, but then Lake Doris was frozen over.

Short, easy, but the mountains were calling and I had to go.

A few sections were desolate, but we ran into a fair number of people there.

Other parts weren't so desolate.

The sunset as we set out for Lake Doris was spectacular. I was feeling a little inspired and started playing around with some words. What ended up in my journal was

Dusk, that great painter of the night sky, master of colour, steps in and begins its work while the sun hands day to the moon before the curtain of night falls.

Enough said. I'd never heard of alpine cheese, but it was tasty enough. One day I'll write a song about cheese, whiskey, banjos, and mountains.

The ground turned out to be too rocky for stakes; the stars were out in force and the Milky Way was spread out, so I ended up just bivying. I never ended up finding time to (re)read Wind, Sand, and Stars, but I did get some journaling done.

Sunrise over a lake, never gets old.