Today, my Fujifilm X-Pro2 body showed, and I had the opportunity tonight to take some test shots with it. These are all processed with VSCO (I really need to pick up Lightroom); I used the wireless function to copy the photos to my phone and import them into VSCO there. This is the first time I've used a wireless connectivity function on a camera, and while it's a bit janky it does work.

A bit of background. I've been using my iPhone SE mostly for shooting because it's easier to carry around and less obtrusive; I would almost always rather it be the case that the Nikon DSLR was the appropriate camera due to the creative control it offers. I also don't like using an LCD to frame shots 100% of the time (or even 50% of the time, really). A mirrorless seemed like a good compromise between the two with the hope that it leads to more photos.

First, the camera in all its glory. Many thanks to Irwin for lending me a pair of lenses: a kit 16-50mm and a manual-focus 21mm lens. This photo was taken with my iPhone, but the rest of the photos were taken with the 16-50. I still need to figure out the 21mm lens and how to shoot full manual focus.

This photo I messed up the focus. I was trying to take photos similar to the one below, and had the focus messed up. One thing I kept running into later was using the arrow keys, not the joystick, for trying to focus. This led to try to do multiple exposures (by accidentally selecting multiple exposure instead of single shot).

This is the only surviving example of a multiple exposure shot

It's somewhat traditional to use a banjo as the subject for a first camera shot. This isn't the first but it's one of the first. You can see two of the other banjos in the background...

Guess what I'm drinking tonight?

I shot these with a mix of the Astia and Chrome film presets. Rustam is pretty sold on the Chrome preset, but I rather like Astia. I'd like to try using Velvia for outdoors shots.