The site uses Ghost via a Docker container on a Digital Ocean VPS. The site files are kept on the host, and that directory bind-mounted into the Docker image. This makes it easier to do things like backup the site or tweak things. This is one of the use cases where Docker shines: by running docker run --name lux -d -v ~/sites/lux:/var/lib/ghost -p ghost, it's easy to swap out new Ghost images.

For a font, I'm using the Concourse font from Matthew Butterick. Interestingly, I used to use Pollen for similar sites, but static sites in general didn't work as well as Ghost for writing. It was hard for a stalwart static site type like myself to admit, but here we are. La monde tourne.

I mostly shoot photos with an iPhone SE (previously an iPhone 5S until I lost it) using the VSCO app. I also use a Nikon D3100 and a Polaroid OneStep Flash.

Photo management on my laptop is done with Aperture on OS X, for now at least—Apple has discontinued the product, so we'll see how long it keeps working for.