Lost Things

Lost Things
Photo by Denny Müller / Unsplash

I found a few things while cleaning one night that I'd been looking for some time; I'd assumed I'd lost them somewhere. I mostly just wanted to play with words, so I slapped this onto paper.

I found the things I had lost
Lost to the secret doors.
I must have walked on past,
Past things hiding in plain sight.

I forgot I'd opened some hidden doors,
Doors to a shadow world.
I ran out of space to remember things,
Things I like but only sometimes need.

The problem is, the shadow world is dark,
Dark as night, too dark to see.
The problem is the shadow world is dark,
Dark of mind, a veil over your memory.

Three things were lost, small and tucked away,
Away from sight, away from mind.
An oracle for the god of sand, wisdom in a book,
A book to record new wisdom.

Now I wonder if there are other things,
Things I've list but don't remember.
Maybe I just forgot I needed these things,
Things hiding, waiting for me to remember.